Color & Texture

Creative Coloring

Color is an instrument our stylists use to cover, change, darken, lighten, spark, shine and always to accent and individualize your design. Be sure to ask your stylist about our essential products that help you maintain your new look between visits!
  • Single Process/Glazing $63 & up
  • Chromatics Color Additional $10
  • European Cream Color$63 & up
  • Total BlondingConsultation
  • Ombré$150 & up
  • Gloss$25 & up


Perfect for adding subtle or bold dimensions to your design.
  • Partial Highlights$95 & up
  • Full Highlights$120 & up
  • Partial Highlights with Single Process$150 & up
  • Balayage$155 & up

Special Services

Perms of today are not just for curls. Our designers perm to create texture, volumize styles, reconstruct curl and always to keep designs fresh and updated. Careful consideration and pre-treatments are given if necessary before perming the hair.
  • Keratin Treatment Consultation
  • Cezanne Treatment Consultation
  • Relaxer Consultation
  • Regular Perm$90 & up
Please note that all prices are subject to change.